Hi girls/guys!
Today I will be doing a review on
The Nancy Drew Sleuth Book
“Clues to Good Sluething”

My self-written review->Nancy Drew,age 18,finally back in River Heights,decides to start a detective club.Members,being other adventure-craving girls.Each weak a member brings in a new mystery (something they’ve lost,catching an arsonist,tracking down a ghost,and so on.),as the girls solve the mystery and you read the book,you will begin to feel as though you could solve a mystery at any moment,any day!

Things I liked->
1.At the end of each chapter,you will be given an activity to do with your family/friends (such as comparing differant types of handwriting or fingerprints).
2.This is not just any old handbook!It reads like a good old ND book!
3.You might be wondering if this book will actually improve your “sleuthing ability”,well I can honestly say that,for me……..IT DID!!!!
Well that’s my review (BTW i give it 5 stars!)I hope you liked it and I hope it has helped you!
P.S.You may or may not already Know but (a few days ago) the release date was posted for GTH on the HeR Interactive website!YAY!
See ya!