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Hello fellow detectives,sleuths,spys and snoopers (is that a word?)!
This is my review for-Curse Of Blackmoor Manor (CUR)!
I chose to review this game first because it was the first Nancy Drew HeR Interactive PC game that I ever played (I started in 2010!) and now i’ve played them all!

My Self-Written Review
Nancy Drew travels to Blackmoor Manor,an English estate filled with stories of witchcraft and beasts,treasures and curses.But she’s not just coming here for the stories…..she’s here for Linda!
Linda Petrov recently married Hugh Penvellyn,a British diplomat,who,at the time,is away in Rome (can you imagine,him leaving his new wife at his old,spooky family estate while he’s away in Rome!).she’s begun to act strange,sitting behind her bed curtain all day,never letting anyone see her and suddenly becoming angry for no reason at all!
In order for her and Hugh to inherit Blackmoor Manor,Linda must live at the estate for 6 months!
Is this a case of an unhappy new marriage?Or could Linda be turning into a real-life beast of Blackmoor!?

I liked this game.(:
There were some parts in this game involving lycanthropy.I am not a fan of this and I wish it had not been included (although suppose it was included because of the whole ‘beast of Blackmoor’ thing).
This game was spooky but not scary.In my opinion,the scariest parts of this game are whenever Ethel Bosinny suddenly appears out of nowhere!
In this game you were able to use the phone in Nancy’s room to order some delicious looking food (like dog’s eye).(;
I enjoyed playing games with Jane.My favorite game was probably either Skull And Bones (the creepy version of Go Fish) or Bul (a Mayan game).
There are plenty of places to explore in this game.(:
In this game you are able to call Ned Nickerson and Mrs. Petrof.
Lou Lou (the parrot) was a fun addition to this game (and a great clue-giver).Lou Lou was also played by Lani Minella (the voice of Nancy).
See ya!