Let me start by saying:hope you had a great weekend!
Today I will be giving a review for……(insert drumroll)…A Summer Secret!

Author-Kathleen Fuller

My self-written description-All Mary Beth wanted was a brake from her life back home.A brake from her chores,her responsibilities,her family’s money problems AND her BROTHERS.Longing to get away from it all,she had discovered an old barn,belonging to noone.It had character even if she were the only one who cared….but is she?
Months later,she’s still visiting the barn,sketching,reading,dreaming and just plain relaxing,but she soon notices things going missing and things not looking the way she had left them.
Is there someone else visiting the old place?
Mary Beth will soon find out and when she does,the truth will lead her to taking on her biggest responsibilities yet and to making even harder decisions….

This is the the first book in the mysteries of middlefield series.The characters are Amish and i ❤ the fact that at the beginning of the book (before the story starts) there is a "glossary of Amish terms",telling you what certain Amish words in the book mean (for example- Ab Im Kopp -means- Crazy).
I think that i'm a little bit like this character (besides the Amish part) because we both love to draw,we both daydream,we both,at some point need a little time to sit and think (who doesn't?) and we both dread doing our chores (who doesn't?) but at the same time we know that every bit of it is something you have to do and i think that without hardships in our lifes,we would never learn anything at all about love OR responsibility.
Well,that was my review and i hope you liked it.
Sassy Sleuth