Hi girls/guys!I have a few things to share with you tonight and…….and I’m going to start now! (:
1.If you’re as big of an ND fan as I am,then you probably already know what I’m about to tell you.
The new Nancy Drew Diarys series has recently begun and personally I’m quite excited to begin reading them!
2.HeR Interactive has just released the cover art for their next game,Ghost Of Thornton Hall,and honestly….I think it’s amazing!The dark ghostly girl on the front staring at you,behind her is her past,as if she’s hiding from someone or somebody.To her left is the cematary,to her right is Thornton hall.
I plan on posting a picture of the cover soon.Meanwhile you can find it on HeRs website.
3.And finally,here is my self-written review of The Secret Of Shadow Ranch-HeR Interactive mobile app.

Saddle up my fellow sleuths and get ready for a wild ride!
Nancy,Bess and George travel to Shadow ranch,the home of Bess and George’s aunt and uncle,Bet and Ed Rawley.
When the girls get to the ranch,the Rawleys are already losing money because of a lack of visitors,but at the same time,accidents,such as a stagecoach rolling down a hill,are becoming all to frequent.
The legandary love of Dirk Valentine,an outlaw in western times,and Frances Humber,The daughter of the local sheriff,does all but help the situation.The question of rather Dirks horse is responsible for all of this ‘bad luck’ enters the minds of everyone,both vistitors and readers!
Has this ghostly horse of the west come back to avenge his long-dead master?
Find out the true secrets of Shadow ranch in this story of treasure,romance,greed and western ways.

There have been mixed reviews for this game/books but personally,I loved it!Not only are there mini GAMES mixed into this lovely story,but also mini MYSTERIES which,in my opinion are both very entertaining.
You are also able to learn a little bit more about our shy little ranch hand,Dave,who was in the ND adventure game.On the subject of Dave,I think that it provided a little bit more romance to the story.
OH BOY!I guess I got a little carried away!
Bye!Have a great weekend! Sassy Sleuth