Howdy fello meddlers!
Today I’m going to give a review on…The Deadly Curse of Toco-Rey (:!
Author-Frank Peretti

D.r Jacob Cooper and his two children,Jay and Lila,travel to Central America,determined to discover the lost treasure room of Kachi Tochetin.
Some believe that there is a curse guarding the tomb,killing all who attempt to defy its secrecy.
Armed with the knowledge that GOD will protect them,the Coopers reach their destination,their first stop being the blood stained camp of the recent Cory expedition.They begin to wonder what EXACTLY happened the night the Corys died.If they truly WERE ambushed then….why?
Finding the tomb is all but easy as the problems of hostile natives,deadly carvies,sinister secrets and killer curses seem to pound themselves into the minds of everyone…..

WOW!I suppose that that was the shortest review yet..but it was pretty difficult to fit in enough of this amazingly thought out content without revealing to much.
I strongly admire the integrity,willpower and love of the of the Coopers.Each of these books in the Cooper Kids series is wonderfuly written and they demonstrate the awesome power of GOD.
Frank Peretti,if you EVER read this,I just wanted to say that if you EVER get the erge to write more of these books,I will be one of the first to buy one and will be super excited!
Sleuth ya later! Sassy Sleuth