Hi Everyone!
Tonight I’m going to be doing a review on Nancy Drews first EVER mystery book…Secret Of The Old Clock…

Nancy Drew,age 18,embarks on her first mystery!
Can you imagine Nancy Drew not sleuthing?Well until now,she didn’t!
It all starts when Nancy meets Mary and Edna Turner,two elderly women caring for a young girl named Judy.The women are struggling to provide for the girl with their little income.
They soon tell Nancy of a man named Josiah Crowley who had recently died.The man had always promised them,among others,a share in his will,but upon his passing,they discovered that,according to his will,nothing had been left to them.
Could there be another will?Could the Tophams,a family of wealthy people,who used to provide a home for Josiah,know it?Through all her danger,Nancy remains positive that the old man remembered the Turners,along with others,such as Grace and Allison Hoover in his will.
How she finds the truth will thrill all readers,whether you’re a longtime reader of Nancy Drew or just being introduced!

I truly believe that this lovely,charming and polite character was and is the perfect role model for all girls,old or young.
This book series was first created in 1930 and now,in present day,everyones favorite girl sleuth is still searching for the truth and finding it!
I was first introduced to ND when I saw the commercial for the 2007 movie and asked my mom “who’s Nancy Drew?”
That was only a few years ago and now I have all the ND books,games and I’m working on collecting the 30s movies.
Just think!If Nancy Drew were never created,Would America still be what it is today?!She has been a role model for great women such as Laura Bush!
Just something funny-When I watched the movie again after reading this book,since I didn’t know much about ND and since I’d only read this book,I thought that the 2 girls in the movie,who are pretty mean to Nancy (I don’t know their names) were the Topham sisters (Ada and Isabel,daughters of M.r and M.r.s Topham)!In actuality the two are quite similar in background, BUT if I’m wrong and they are the Tophams,I’ll be shocked! I don’t think they are.(: