Hi everyone!
No review tonight but I just thought I would share with you a few of ghostly rumors floating around,concerning HeRs new game,GTH.
1.Ned will be included.
I THINK-I think that Ned will be in this game but not as a playable character.I think that he will be a phone friend.

2.This game will be based upon either The Ghost Of Blackwood Hall or The Mystery At Magnolia Mansion.
I THINK-I think that this book could based upon either of these titles,although I’m not quite sure what Magnolia Mansion is about,because I have not read it and no matter how hard I look,I cannot find a description!

3.This game will involve a Masquerade theme/party/story of some sort.
I THINK-I think that the girl on the front of the GTH cover DOES look like she would be going to a masquerade of some kind BUT at the same time I DON’T think that this game will be involving a masquerade party,I mean,personally I think that it would be tiny bit…strange…to be having a masquerade party at the time,Unless the masquerade party is supposed to be part of the celebration (in the description it says that,at the time of Jessalyn’s disappearance,they were supposed to be having a pre-wedding celebration).
Bye!I gotta go!