Hi everyone!
Tonight I’m going to be doing a review on…The Hidden Staircase!…
This is a Nancy Drew book,the second in the series.
Author-Carolyne Keene

My description-Sometimes it seems as if danger follows Nancy Drew…..
And this time is no exception!
Nancy is asked to come to Twin Elms and discover just who or WHAT is behind all of its strange happenings.The occupants,Rosemary Hayes and Miss Flora,are worried about the recent turn of events,such as furniture moving strangely out of place,creaks in the night,eerie shadows suddenly appearing and,most importantly,unexplained robberies!Though Nancy is eager to discover the source of these,so called ‘ghostly’ happenings,she is also extremely worrisome about her lawyer father,Carson Drew,who is currently working on a case which could put him in great danger!Assured by her father that no harm will come to him,Nancy travels to Twin Elms.
Soon Nancy finds evidence that her father truly IS in danger and,that,to find him,she must first discover the true ‘ghosts’ of Twin Elms

This is a wonderful book,in wich,Helen Corning is present.Helen (in case you don’t already know) is the origional companion of Nancy Drew and is very big part of this story.
Since Ned Nickerson does not appear until The Clue In The Diary (which is one of my favorite books!) ,in this book Nancy goes on a date with a young man named Dirk.I had completely forgotten about him,since I don’t really keep track of the names of all of Nancy’s dates.When I re-read the page about their date,I just got to thinking about how much better Ned is for her.This Dirk guy is a tennis champion while Ned plays football (is a tennis player gonna tackle a culprit,I don’t think so!).Ned respects Nancys love for mysterys,even though it causes her to leave River Heights and often to cancel dates,while Dirk has cares little about any mysterious things that she might be involved in.Overall I’m sure both are fine boys but I think that Ned was made for Nancy (literally).
In this book,you can certainly tell that Nancy is very worried about her father and also is very excited about solving the mystery at Twin Elms.