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Hello everyone!
I’m going to start by saying that,I hope that all of you who celebrate Easter had a great one!I know I did!
I know it’s kind of late for this (since this bit of info was released last Thursday!) ,but…the character profiles for GTH have been released!If you have not seen them,I suggest that you head on over to HeRs website and check them out!
Most importantly,I’m going to be giving a review on-Secrets Can Kill
This is a HeR Interactive PC game.
NOTE-This is a review on the remastered version,so if you are looking for a review on the origional version,I regret to say that I cannot help you /:.

A recent murder…a dark motive…..
These are the things that bring Nancy Drew to Florida.
Nancy teams up with an undercover police detective to track down the killer at Paseo Del Mar High!
Some students are worried about the recent events,while others are not quite as shaken.Could one of these students be responsible for this act of terror?
The victim,Jake Rogers,was very secretive and disliked by most of the other students.What reason could someone have for attacking him?
As you search the high school halls for clues,you begin to find various messages written in code.Could they be from Jake?Could he have known that he was in danger?
These thoughts and more race through Nancys mind as she walks the school halls,unknowing of what lies behind the next corner.

This is a great game!
Although I did think that the ending was nothing short of exciting,I also thought that certain aspects of it were quite…unrealistic?
In this game you are able to call Ned Nickerson (Nancys “Special Friend” <3) and later in the game,you are able to call another person,who is an important aspect of the case.
This game does not show anything bloody,so if fear of that is keeping you from playing this game,don’t worry (although,there is a weapon used at the end.).