Well,if you read the title of my post,then you know what I’m talking about.This question is answered differently by everyone and I’m going to give my opinion.
When I read,play or think MYSTERY,I think of (among other things) suspense,danger,motive and a smart meddler to wrap it all up!
When I’m reading/playing a mystery book/game,I want it to be realistic BUT I don’t want it to be toooo serious (I know some of you probably disagree with me on this one but…take an ND mystery for example…there have to be a few jokes(: ).
I like it when the main characters think logically.For instance,if they believe in ghosts or immediately accept an idea as true,without conducting an investigation,I would not consider that as thinking logically.I am not saying that I do not like mysterys about hauntings,because I do,I definitely do,as long as they have logical explanations!
I also LOVE to be surprised when the culprit is revealed (although I do feel very sleuth….ish…when I guess the culprit correctly (: ).