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Hi everyone!
Tonight I’m going to be writing a review for-!TA DA!-
-The Door In The Dragons Throat-(:

My self-written description-Jay and Lila join their father,D.r. Jacob Cooper,on a trip to Nepur!They are called to discover what truly lies deep in the mystifying,gaping hole,known as the dragons throat.
It’s believed that inside,behind an ancient door,is a fortune in lost treasure!Is the legend true or is there a more deadly secret guarding the door?
The Coopers soon learn that every person who has ever entered the “Dragons Throat” has left in terror or died an awful death!Can a Christian survive its seemingly unescapable wrath?
As curious and waiting eyes watch in astonishment,the Coopers and their team begin their mission!
In a place filled with ancient beliefs,cruelty and greed is a story filled with wonder and mystery.Join the Coopers in their breathtaking adventure through The Door In The Dragons Throat!

This is a wonderful book!It’s so well written and so descriptive (This might sound weird but…when I read this book I said that it was so descriptive,it was like waiting a movie in my head!)!
These stories are stories of faith,religion,love,trust and the ultimate power of GOD.
Once again,I say->PLEASE MAKE MORE!
Bye!Have a great weekend!