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Tonight I’m going to be giving a review for-The Bungalow Mystery-

Nancy Drew and Helen Corning are at twin lakes,on a motorboat ride when,suddenly,a violent storm brakes out and the two girls are swept overboard!After repeating calls for help and continuous swimming,on Nancys part,the girls are finnaly rescued by a youung girl named Laura Pendleton.
Upon reaching land and finding shelter in a small bungalow,Laura shares with the girls her current situation.
She tells Nancy and Helen that her mother had died the month before and that her father had passed away six years ago.
Laura had come to the Pinecrest hotel (the same hotel at which Nancy and Helen are staying at) to meet her new guardians and asks the two girls to come meet them.
After meeting the couple,Nancy immediantly aquires a feeling of distrust for them.
Is there a villainous truth to Lauras guardians behind that artificial kindness and those forced smiles?
Find out in The Bungalow Mystery

This is a very interesting book in which,once again,Helen is present.
Near the beginning of the book,when Laura is sadly telling Nancy about her mothers death,Nancy tries to comfort her by saying that her own mother had died when she was three.When Laura explained about her fathers death a few years back,I expected Nancy to think about how she would feel if HER father,her only parent,died…it just seems like something they would include in an ND book.
Once again our favorite girl sleuth finds herself in some very dangorous situations but,in the end,she still puts the pieces together.
Sassy Sleuth