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Tonight I present to you my review for-Stay Tuned For Danger!

Nancy Drew has returned to New York!This time,on the set of a popular soap opera and on the scent of a crazed criminal!
Light Of Our Loves star and daytime TVs “cutest hunk”,Rick Arlen,has been receiving death threats from someone who is apparently intent on his destruction.
Ricks co-star,Mattie Jensen,seems very concerned about his apparent danger but claims that noone else is taking any of it seriously.Is she saying this in worry or annoyance?
Rumors are spreading and,as a star,Rick has reporters wondering how he’s still alive!Could all of these threats be a scheme thought up by Rick in order to gain MORE publicity?
Join Nancy Drew on set with this mystery and Stay Tuned For Danger!

This is a pretty cool game but I do have a few points to make.
1.Most of you probably already know this (I mean,if you’ve ever played these games you probably do.) but since this is only the 2nd game in the HeR ND series,Its graphics are certainly not as good as the newer ones.Still,compared to some other games,the graphics are great!
2.I don’t know if the culprit was predictable or not because it was spoiled for me before I even got the game!I can say that there were quit a few (huge!) clues as to who the culprit was.
3.Since this is an older game, it includes an aspect which,I think,is one of the things that people miss from the older games.In this game,you/Nancy are able to switch from day to night (I ❤ night time snooping!!).
4.this is the only game,in which,Ned says "I love you".Some would consider this a great addition,others,a weird one.
5.The ending,in my opinion,was kind of…scary!The culprit turned out to be deranged and he/she was very,very insane!
WOW!That was pretty long (nothing out of the ordinary (: )
Sassy Sleuth