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Hello everyone!
Tonight I will be writing a review for-The Mystery At Lilac Inn!

Nancy Drew Is coming to Lilac inn with her friend Helen Corning to attend the wedding of a family-friend named Emily willoughby.
The attractive grounds are lovely and MOST of the visitors are kind,but what happens when a case full of valuable diamonds enters the picture?
Emily had been planning on selling the diamonds to fund the inn but when they are stolen,Nancy must try,in every way possible,to find them.
As if the loss of the diamonds were not enough to alarm the visitors,rumors of the inn being haunted or jinxed are spreading and Nancy soon learns that a look-alike or impersonater of hers is on the loose!
In a place where nothing is as it seems and danger is a recurring enemy,Nancy will find a truth that involves revenge,deceit and the ongoing tale of greed.

This is one of my favorite books,for multiple reasons!
This book will keep you guessing!I was not able to guess the culprit correctly!
In the book,there is this character named Maud.She,often times,is annoying or rude to many of the characters in the story,including Nancy,and I think it was funny whenever Nancy would get annoyed.
The end was very exciting,dramatic and dangerous!It was the kind of ending that will keep you reading!
Well,hope you liked it.