Hello sleuths!
And now,for your reading pleasure,my review for-Escape From The Island Of Aquarius

My description-Dr.Cooper and his children Jay and Lila travel to the island of Aquarius.This time it is a hunt,not for treasure,but for a man named Adam Mackenzie.
Adam was a missionary who went to Aquarius to spread the word of GOD.He never came back.
When the Coopers reach the island,they soon find a village filled with people from all over the world.Upon entering the village,the Coopers meat the leader of the group.But this leader is not just any man,he tells the Coopers that he is the man they have been looking for.
Something is wrong.Why would Adam,a godly missionary,believe in a strange,deadly magic.To a Christian,it is pure evil.
On an island where few dare to go.
Where traditions are deadly.
Can the Coopers find the truth and get off the island…

This book was wonderful!Even in there darkest moments,the Coopers stayed strong and never forgot there faith in GOD.Even when those around them didn’t deserve it,the Coopers still showed them GODs love.
I thought that the ending was kind of…scary?!It was all so perfectly written.At first,Dr. Cooper was determined to do what he thought was deserved but then,through all of the chaos,he listened to GOD who (from my point of view) was reminding him that mercy is something we can receive from GOD but at the same time,it is something we must give to others.