I’m so sorry about the delay but,fear not,for I have come to you with…a review for-The Secrets Beneath.
This is a Mysteries of Middlefield book,written by Kathleen Fuller.

Bekah Yoder is confused by the recent turn of events.First she sees a strange,old man prowling around the,old abandoned house next door.
A few weeks later,Bekahs Cousin,Amanda,comes to visit,but her parents are not with her.
When Bekahs mother had told her about Amandas upcoming visit,she had acted evasive and strange.What is Amandas real reason for coming?
Bekah has always been just as curious as her favorite detective,Nancy Drew.Just like Nancy,Bekah will find that she has quite a knack for sleuthing but she will also find that,sometimes,sleuths will find themselves in great danger.
Can she piece together the clues?Will her shy cousin,Amanda,tell her what’s going on with her family?Does she know?
In this web of secrets,where most only scratch the surface,can Bekah put her nosiness to use and uncover the secrets beneath?

This is a very good book.It is wonderfully written and the characters (especially Bekah) are all very interesting.
I really,really enjoyed the fact that Bekah reads ND books because those are some of my favorites!I think that,in this way,I can relate to this character which is one of the reasons why I really like this author.
Kathleen Fuller,I really hope you are planning on writing more because these are great!
Thanks for reading!