Before I start my review,I want to say thank you to everyone who liked my last post so…thank you!(:
If you want to know what book I’m reviewing,the title tells all.

My self-written description-Nancy Drew is headed to Shadow ranch in Pheonix,Arizona,with her friends Bess and George for a well-deserved vacation.
Upon arriving in Arizona,Nancy greets the two cousins with a smile but is soon discouraged by their news.They tell Nancy that the owners of the ranch,their aunt Bet and uncle Ed,are refusing to let the girls stay because of the recent events.
Equipment has been damaged by an unknown saboteur and a ghost horse has been appearing out of nowhere!Could this galloping apparition be the horse of Dirk Valentine,the romantic outlaw who fell in love with the sherrifs daughter and was shot for it?
Before he died,Valentine had hidden a treasure for his sweatheart.Could someone be searching for it today?
Shadow ranch hides many secrets.Will Nancy be able to uncover them?
Will she be able to escape the culprits rage?
Find out in The Secret Of Shadow Ranch.

This is a really good book!
I love the love letters and the romantic,yet sad,story of Dirk Valentine!
In this book,Dave Gregory is less polite near the beginning than in the game or app but he eventually acquires feelings for Nancy.
Amongst all of this,Nancy has also been asked to help Bess and George’s cousin,Alice,find her father.