Hi guys/girls!
Sorry for the long wait but I am finally ready to share with you my review for-Message in a haunted mansion!
This is a review for the HeR Interactive PC game,not the book.

You,as Nancy Drew,have been called to California to help with the renovation of a victorian mansion which is soon to be converted into a bed and breakfast.The owner of the mansion,Rose Green,has spent her life savings on the place and is determined to fix it up.
As soon as Nancy arrives,she sees and hears strange things,such as eerie voices,out of nowhere,and ghostly figures in mirrors.
Rose’s partner and friend,Abby Sideris,is convinced that the weird sightings are being caused by restless spirits coming to haunt the estate.
Nancy soon finds clues which lead her to believe that a treasure is hidden somewhere in the house.Could someone be trying to scare Rose away in order to search for it?She claims that nothing can scare her away,but is that true?
Piece together the clues and discover forgotten secrets in-message in a haunted mansion!

This is a good game,not one of my favorites,but,overall,a very good game.
The mansion is simple to navigate,with quite a few suprises such as the things listed above.
Near the beginning of the game,Abby conducts a seance (which,being a Christian,I did not like.).I think there might be a way to avoid it (I just muted my computer and turned away.).
Throughout the game,you must find and write down chinese symbols which,in the end,you will need.
If you like secret passages (what sleuth doesn’t?!) then you’ll be pleased.(: