Hey everyone!
Today I’m going to be writing a review for-The Ghost Of Thornon Hall.(:
This is a HeR Interactive PC game (get ready for a long review!).

Having been awakened by a call in the middle of the night from Savannah Woodham,Nancy heads to Georgia to solve the mystery of Jessalyn Thornton,who disappeared while visiting her family estate.Her visit was ment to be a celebration in honor of her upcoming wedding.
When she goes missing,her family members and fiance begin to worry.
Savannah had told Nancy to think twice before she got on the plane,saying that Thornton hall was no place for believers like herself.
Upon meeting the Thornon family,Nancy is told the story of Charlotte Thornton,the young women who had died in a nearby fire on her 21st birthday in 1989!
Many family members and locals claim to have seen Charlotte’s ghost.Could her ghost have kidnapped Jessalyn?
Nancy is sure that there’s a logical explanation and is determined to find it.
But who set the fire that night and what did they have against Charlotte?
In a place where secrets seem to grow and greed brings flames,Nancy must separate the lies from truth and discover what Thornton hall has to hide befor it’s to late.

This absolutely has to be one of my all-time favorite ND games (despite its few flaws)!
This was a beautiful game!Seeing Charlotte (which happens often) was great,she was so pretty and her song sounded great!it was all very cool but I was very unsatisfyed with the explantion for the haunting.It didn’t make any sense to me.
I would have liked to have more food in this game.Nancy is in the south and all you get to feed her is sweet tea…which I gave to Nancy waaaay too many times (with 10 spoonfulls of sugar!SWEET!)!
I liked that you were able to eavesdrop a few times,though snooping in other peoples things was limited.
There were quite a few secret passages in this game (FUN!).
Most of the puzzles in this game were simple to figure out (as long as you have your trusty notebook with you (:) but there were few which took a bit of time.
The ending was awesome!You get a differant outcome depending on what you do (which I thought was great!).

Now I’m going to share with you my thoughts on the teaser,along with the plot (all of which is in code)-The 29th game will be called-
The Silent Spy
and focuses on Nancy's mother.We will be traveling to Glasgow (Scotland?).Nancy wakes up to another midnight call.A man/woman in a disguised voice tells Nancy that every thing she knows about her mothers death is a lie!
I have mixed feelings about this plot but I can't be disappointed in HeR because this is what their fans have been asking for (personally,I wanted a game based on The Glowing Eye book,in which,Ned gets kidnapped).
I can see why some people might want to know more about Nancy's mother but,personally,I just want to think of her as...her mother.The teaser seems to imply that Nancy's mother was a spy.This could just be me,but,I don't want Nancy's mother to have been a spy!Why couldn't she just have been her mother?I'm not saying I would have wanted her to just sit home and knit,but Nancy seems to have a certain bond with characters like Laura Pendleton (The Bungalow Mystery) and Miwako (Shadow At The Waters Edge).

Anyway.That’s just my opinion.
P.S.I mean no offense to HeR.It is still a very good idea.