Tonight,I will be reviewing-The Tombs Of Anak
This is a Cooper Kids adventure story.
Author-Frank Peretti

Description-Despite the protests of his fellow archeologists,young Jerry Frieden descends into a deep,gaping hole,in hopes of gaining more information on the ancient philistines.
He didn’t come out.
If it hadn’t been for his cries of anguish,his partners would have believed he had simply vanished!
After a tiring meeting with his employers,D.R Cooper recieves a message telling him that something has happened.He hurries to the dig with his children,Jay and Lila and,upon his arrival,is told of what had happened.
The workers tell D.R Cooper that,when Jerry had disappeared,they had heard music,which had sounded like unearthly and earie singing.
Locals believe the singing is caused by Ha-Raphah,the fearsome one,who they worship and fear.He is the living embodyment of terror and darkness.
Could Jerry Frieden possibly have survived the horror which lies in this monsters lare,the tombs of Anak?Will they be able to find him and bring him to safety,or will their search for him suddenly morph into a search for his attacker?
Through all questions,challenges and evil,the Coopers hold onto their faith in GOD.
Discover the truth and lies behind Ha-Raphah and his evil powers,and aid the Coopers in their search for both him and Jerry Frieden,as they venture through the tombs of Anak.

This was a very interesting and action-packed book with quite a few twists and suprises.
Everything was so interesting and fun to read!It’s the kind of book that will keep you reading and wondering and I highly recommend it.
In this book,Jerry Frieden is only a tag-along,a first timer and is described as having “more ambition than common sense”.
One aspect of this book which I really enjoy is the fact that you discover relations between the characters.
P.S Sorry for the delay!