Grace Red Gate Farm scan 001Hello,fellow sleuths!:)
I hope you all had a great weekend!
Tonight I will be writing a review for-The Secret Of Red Gate Farm

After an enjoyable shopping trip,Nancy,Bess and George board a train back to River Heights.
During the ride,the girls meet a young woman named Joanne Byrd.Joanne explains that she is visiting River Heights from her home,Red Gate Farm,in response to a job advertisement.She explains that it has been difficult for her grandmother,who owns Red Gate,to pay the mortgage.
Nancy and her friends eventually travel to Red Gate Farm.Soon after their arrival,the girls are told of an organization called the Black Snake Colony.It is a nature cult which rents out a nearby piece of land,where a cave is located.
What does this strange group do?
Could there be secrets hidden in that mysterious cave?
Will Joanne and her grandmother be able to keep Red Gate Farm?
Discover the secrets that reside on this beautiful farmland.
Accompany Nancy,Bess and George as they piece together the clues and bravely take on the challenges they will face in The Secret Of Red Gate Farm.

This is a great book,the whole scheme was very well thought out and the plot turned out to be quite interesting.:)
I really like how a certain purchase of Bess’s was worked into the plot.
The end was pretty cool!Usually Nancy,Bess and George are confident that they will find a way out of their dangerous situation but,in this one,they were extremely worried (Bess was in tears!).So,if you enjoy these types of situations,YAY!It all depends on you.:)