Hi everyone!
Tonight I’ll be posting my first Nancy Drew graphic novel review!(:
This review is for-The Fake Heir

What was supposed to be a break from detective work on a beautiful lake turns into another mystery when the lake suddenly vanishes!
After recovering from their shock,Nancy,Bess and George notice a large yacht which looks to be decades old!
The girls investigate the old boat and,inside,find a large,hidden fortune!
The yacht was,at one time,owned by Amelia and Jack Druthers
According to the will,Amelia and Jack had left their entire fortune to their cousin,Anton.
Anton’s wife,Tanya,was hated by the M.R.S Druthers and was excluded from tthe will!
Tanya is rarely seen and noone has heard from her husband in years!
Some say Tanya murdered him!
Could it be true?
Could Nancy be tailing a killer?
In the end,Nancy will find herself in a desperate and dangerous situation!
Can Nancv use her wits to escape the culprit’s villainous scheme,or will she fall victim to The Fake Heir?

This is a great book!
This was the first ND graphic novel I’ve ever read and It was really cool!
I loved the artwork on each page.
Most of the characters looked as I’d imagine them,with the exception of Chief Mcginnis and M.R Drew.I have always imagined Chief Mcginnis just as he looks in the HeR Interactive game,mustached with brown hair.In these books,Nancy’s father looks close to how I’d imagine him EXCEPT for his mustache.
a couple of parts in this book made me feel smart…but the ending was NOT one of them.I thought I had guessed the solution correctly…but I hadn’t.After the book was over and I knew I had guessed incorectly,I thought through everything which had happened and I felt like a failed sleuth /:.After thinking over all of the clues,the solution felt so obvious!