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Sorry it took so long,but here is my review for-Hide And Secret!
This book was written by Kathleen fuller.

While playing a game of hide-and-seek in the woods,Anna Mae and her friends,Jeremiah and Amos,come upon an old,forgotten tree house.
After climbing the ladder to the top,Amos accidentally kicks back a board which reveals a large metal box.
A good slam against the floor causes the lid to come off.
Anna Mae and her friends are astonished!Inside,is more money than any of them have ever seen!
Anna Mae notices an unknown book laying beneath the money and quickly slips it under her skirt.When she finally gets a chance to read it,she realizes it’s not just any book,it’s a diary.
Meanwhile,Jeremiah tries to stop his brother from making the wrong decisions as he struggles to make his own.
Anna Mae will soon learn that secrets can tear friendships apart.Sometimes,no matter how deep or painful,these secrets must be revealed.In the end,these secrets will cause danger!Can Anna Mae and her friends fix what has been broken?
Will their faith in GOD help them to make the right decisions?
Find out in Hide And Secret.

This is the latest book in the Mysteries of Middlefield series and probably my favorite!
Everyone has secrets,everyone has their point in the book when they question their friends honesty!
The ending was amazing and I was particularly scared,at a certain point,for Jeremiah (even though they all end up in danger).
Some of my favorite parts in the book were when Anna Mae read the diary.It was sad and interesting and cute,all at the same time!
the characters share some very sweet conversations and that was another thing I loved about this book.