Hi everyone!
Tonight I will be reviewing-Trapped At The Bottom Of The Sea!

Things aren’t going so well between Christian archaeologist Jacob Cooper and his daughter,Lila.Tired of feeling like she’s been dragged along,tired of fighting with her father and just plain wanting to get out of Japan,Lila boards a plane bound for the USA to stay with her aunt until her father’s expedition is over.
She says little to her father but soon wishes she had.
At first,the crew seems normal,MOST are Christians.All is well until the plane is hijacked by several members of the crew!
When a fight brakes out between the armed crewmen,Lila locks herself in a top-secret weapons pod and as the plane crashes into the cold,silent ocean,Lila will soon realize she’s trapped…at the bottom of the sea.
Meanwhile,her father and brother,Jay,both longing to know the truth,discover the fate of the plane.
Accompanied by Meagan Flaherty,a daring,Irish journalist,the Coopers struggle to find the pod in time!
Meagan soon finds out more about the Coopers and the loss of their mother/wife.She knows how Jacob feels.She knows that he’s still grieving.Still refusing to consult with his children about her as if contained in a dark shell.Will that shell keep him away from his daughter?
Can the Coopers survive the fury of their pursuers?
Can Dr.Cooper reach his daughter in time?
Have your breath taken away in this story of love,faith and danger!
Trapped At The Bottom Of The Sea.

I loved this book so much!I thought about this book for at least 2 days!
The story is amazing and I loved Meagan’s character!She was kind,yet daring.
After reading a few of the other books in this series,I’ve really become attached to these characters.It didn’t seem like Dr.Cooper and Lila could ever have a fight,but I do see how she could get a bit frustrated.
In this book,Jacob’s wife is discussed a bit more and we discover that he has still not recovered from her loss (which I think we can all understand).
This entire book was filled with excitement!
P.S.The whole dark shell metaphor near the end of my review is from the book,so the credit goes to Frank Peretti.