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Hi everyone!
Tonight I will be reviewing one of my favorite ND books-The Clue In The Diary!

Description-Nancy Drew and her friends Bess and George,are driving along the road,admiring each home they pass when,suddenly,a lovely white house bursts into flames!Hoping to save anyone who might be trapped inside,the girls hurriedly drive to the burning building.Upon reaching it,they find themselves unable to enter the flaming structure.While waiting for the fire department tto arrive,Nancy notices a man fleeing from the scene.Could he have set the fire?
Nancy is told by the neighbor that the owners of the house,the Reybolts,are disliked and that Mr.Reybolt is a very wealthy man.
After recovering from a thick cloud of smoke,Nancy notices a Diary lying on the ground.Could it belong to the man Nancy had seen leaving the estate?
As the case progresses,the clues begin to point toward a man named Joe Swenson.Could he be seeking revenge after being swindled by Mr.Reybolt?
Nancy refuses to believe that Mr.Swenson was the arsonist and is determined to find the truth.Who set the fire and why?
Can Nancy solve the case with the help of her new friend,Ned Nickerson?
Accompany Nancy Drew in this thrilling tale of lies,deceit and possible revenge.

I loved this book (mainly,because this is when Nancy meets Ned!)!
There were quite a few times in this book when Nancy was teased about Ned and I found it to be pretty funny.:P Ned was very sweet and you could tell,right from the start,that he WAS made for Nancy.
This was a very interesting plot.As always,Nancy must catch the culprit,but she must also discover his/her whereabouts (which is also a reacurring challenge).In this book,Nancy gets a lot of help from new and old friends.
As I said earlier,this is one of my favorite ND books and I would recomend it.
Ps.Thanks to everyone who has recently liked,followed and/or commented.