Hey fellow sleuths!
Tonight I will be reviewing-The Final Scene!

You as Nancy Drew are accompanying your friend,Maya Nguyen,to her interview with Brady Amstrong at the Royal palladium theater.
Immediatly after Maya closes the door to Brady’s dressing room,you hear her scream!
Upon entering the room,you find it empty,with Maya nowhere to be found!
A threatening phone call from the kidnapper sends you on a frantic search for Maya’s abducter!
With the theater soon to be demolished in 3 days,time is limited and yet,few seem willing to help.
Egocentric Brady SEEMS willing to help,but could there be a dark side behind that movie star charm?
H.A.D I.T activist,Nick Falcone,is determined to stop the demolition.Could he have kidnapped Maya to prevent the theater from being torn down?
Can you find Maya and save her in time,or will she take part in the theaters final scene?

This was a pretty cool game.I really liked the plot and I thought the setting and characters were very well thought out.
This was another game which includes secret passageways (love ’em!).
Every character in this game had their funny moments.Here’s one quote I liked-
Simone Mueller (trying to think of a stage name for Nancy)-“how about ‘Fancy Jackson’?It’s a little disco,but I think you could pull it of.”
I also thought it was really funny when Nick Falcone calls Brady Armstrong,Brady Charmstrong!(:
I was kinda dissapointed at who the culprit was because I really liked their character.):
The theater was very detailed and wonderfully decorated.
This is one of the games where,after doing a certain amount of detective work,you switch to the next day.It’s your decision wether you like that or not.I’m not against it,but I’m not a fan of it either.