I hope you’ve all been enjoying your weekend.(:
Tonight I will be reviewing-The Legand Of Annie Murphy.

Description-D.R Cooper is called by Prof. Macpherson to investigate the recent ‘ghostly’ sightings of a murderess outlaw from 1885.This outlaw’s name was Annie Murphy.Greedy for what their mine had to offer,Annie was said to have killed her husband.Before she could be hanged,she escaped from jail,only to be shot by the local sheriff.
With the help of his children Jay and Lila,Jacob Cooper begins his investigation near midnight,in hopes of spotting Annie Murphy’s supposed ghost.
A simple trip to their father’s jeep sends Jay and Lila on an unexspected trip through a forgotten reality!
What happens when the past becomes present and present becomes past?
Join Lila,Jay and their father,D.R Jacob Cooper,as they struggle to correct what has been changed and to understand both time and space in-The Legand of Annie Murphy.

This is definately one of my favorite Cooper Kids books!It was so thrilling!It was hard to stop!
I really liked that,in this book,it involves science fiction,mystery and westerns.
The entire plot was so juicy and interesting.Annie and the long-told story of her crime,her mourning face in the cliffs,looking down as modern day campers and tourists pass by the land which was once her home.
This book is sad,breathtaking and thrilling.(:
Well,I don’t want give anything away so,I’d better stop here.