Hey,fellow sleuths!
I’m sorry for the long wait but I’ve finally finished my review for-Nancy’s Mysterious Letter!

Description-The mystery begins when soon-to-retire mailman,Ira Nixon,has his mail bag stolen right outside the Drew home!Among the letters stolen was one from England,meant for Nancy Drew.
After finally acquiring the letter,Nancy discovers that it was actually meant for an heiress of the same name.
When Nancy begins her investigation,she discovers clues which lead her to believe that Ira’s half brother,Edgar,plans to marry this 2nd Nancy Drew and steal her inheritance!She also learns that he could be mixed up in a cruel scheme,betraying the trust of innocent people.
Can Nancy,our Nancy,undermine this criminal’s schemes and fnd the other Nancy before it’s too late?
Find out in-Nancy’s Mysterious Letter.

Ok,guys/girls,this will be my first time comparing the diferences between the original version and the revised version (I have the 1932 and 1968 versions)

20130707-172652.jpg,so,lets get started.
Both versions include an interesting reference to Red Gate Farm near the beginning (page 1 in the 1932,page 2 in the 1968 version)
The original stories are always longer.My 1932 version is 209 pages,my 1968 is 174 pages.There is obviously a differance.
If you compare these two books,there will,of course,be a differance in fashion.In the older version,Nancy’s hair is wavier and she normally wears skirts,not pants.
The pictures are more deailed in the originals and are so beautifull.
One of my favorite quotes was this-
“I get paid too,” Nancy said. “Of course,I can’t spend my pay,but it is a grand reward to unravel the mysteries I encounter.If I didn’t,they would worry me.”
This is a very interesting book and I would recomend both versions.