I hope you’ve all been having a good week!
Tonight I will be reviewing-Flying Blind/Mayday At 2,500!

Description-Jay Cooper and his uncle Rex are flying in Rex’s Cessna,when their flight is suddenly disrupted by a low-flying plane!The Cessna begins spinning out of control,causing Jay to bleed and become blind,and his uncle unconscious!
With nothing but his faith in GOD and his father’s voice to guide him,Jay must attempt to fly the plane.
Whith so many obstacles in his way and so little strength,will Jay live through the flight?
Family is nearby and people at the control tower are struggling with the tough decisions.
Will Jay and his uncle survive?
Will Dr.Cooper witness the joy of,once again,seeing his son alive and on solid ground?
Find out in-Flying Blind.

I loved this book!It was sad,it was sweet,and it was thrilling!
I had tears in my eyes while reading this book (which doesn’t usually happen).You are really able to connect with these characters as they cry and pray together.
Frank Peretti is a writing genius!
This is a really great example of how,even when we face obsticals in our lifes,the LORD will work everything out according to his plan.
I highly recommend this book.