I realize it’s been a week since I’ve posted and I wish I would have posted sooner but I was sick and didn’t write.
Tonight I will be reviewing-The Secret Of The Scarlet Hand

Description-What starts out as a normal internship at the Beach Hill museum turns into another mystery when one of the museums most prized pieces,a jade carving of king Pacal,is stolen!
Little more is left at the scene of the crime than a mysterious scarlet handprint.Who is this strange villain,and what is the motive for their thievery?
As Nancy Drew,your job is to find the culprit and bring him/her to justice.
Search the many exhibits,rooms and areas for clues.
Meet Sonny Joon,face to page,as you read through his notes and alien theories.
Scour a newly acquired Mayan monolith for hidden secrets.
Discover a secret as old and as sinister as the Mayans themselves as you attempt to uncover the secret of the scarlet hand.

This was a good game,but not one of my favorites.
In this game,I learned a lot about the Maya.I think it’s very interesting the way HeR adds all of the history into the game in an interesting and mysterious way.
The puzzles in this game can get a little difficult.
This is the first game featuring Sonny’s doodles and they’re awesome!It’s so funny to see how he sees the other characters!
The ending was pretty creepy and unexpected…I liked it.(: