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Hi everyone!
Tonight I will be reviewing-The Sign Of The Twisted Candles!

Description-Nancy Drew accompanies her friends Bess and George to the sign of the twisted candles,an inn owned by the cousin’s Great Granduncle,Asa Sidney.
Bess and George have asked Nancy to investigate the rumors concerning Mr.Sidney-rumers that he is a prisoner in his own estate!
Soon after arriving,the chums meet a young girl named Carol Wipple.Carol is the foster daughter of the Jemitts,who run the inn at the permission of Mr.Sidney.They instantly seem harsh and cold.Could they have something to hide?
Nancy is eager to solve the mystery with the help of Bess and George but uncovering a family fued leads to a possible end to their friendship!What is the cause of this fued?What lengths will the two sides of the family go to to inherit a fortune?
Can Nancy solve the case,uncover secrets,save her friendship and escape the many dangers she will face?Can she bring happiness to Carol?
Find out in-The Sign Of The Twisted Candles

This was a very interesting and exciting book!I loved it!
It was sad how Bess and George avoided Nancy for nearly half of the book.
Another sad part was in the middle of the book but it’s too important for me to reveal.
There were two or three parts,that I’m thinking of at the moment,in this book,when Nancy was in real danger.Ned is present at the time of one of them and,afterwards,is obviously worried.
Asa Sidney was a very interesting character.He was clever and,at times,funny yet he is still saddened by his past.
There are so many hidden secrets!
I don’t want to reveal to much more,but I would definately recommend this book.(: