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DOG 001Hi!
I hope you’re all having a great Saturday!
Today I will be reviewing-Ghost Dogs Of Moon Lake.

Description-Sally Mcdonald has asked you,as Nancy Drew to investigate the mysterious ghost dogs which have recently begun attacking her house near moon lake!
The house was owned by a gangster named Mickey Malone in the 1920s.After Malone’s death,his dogs were said to have disapeared until they eventually died.Locals say that every time someone moves into the residence,the dogs come back from their lonely rest to haunt the place they once called home.
Determined to find a logical explanation,you must scour the old cabin and the forest beyond for clues.
Can you solve the mystery,or will Sally have to give up her new home?
Step into Nancy’s shoes and discover the devious truth behind these horrid hounds in-Ghost Dogs Of Moon Lake.

This was a great game,not my favorite,but still very fun.(:
This game included one of those moments when Nancy is in very serious danger.
In this game,you are able to call Sally Mcdonald,Bess and George and the Hardy boys.Bess,George and the Hardys all have some funny quotes.(:
I was replaying this game while writing my review and got stuck on the puzzle involving bugs.
The animation in this game really wasn’t bad.The water looked better than it does in Ransom Of The Seven Ships but,because this is an older game,the game screen was much smaller.
Nancy also has a few great quotes in this game.
This game didn’t scare me but I played it during the day and don’t scare as easily as some people.