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I’m very sorry for the long wait (it’s been a week since my last post!) but i’m finally done with my review for-The Haunted Carousel.

You as Nancy Drew have been called to Captain’s Cove amusement park to investigate the recent theft of a carousel horse!What is the thieves reason for taking the horse?Could it have a hidden value?
One night,soon after the horse was stolen,the carousel started to turn all on its own,as if aware one of its horses was missing!Could the carousel be haunted?
A week earlier,a roller coaster had suddenly stopped during the ride for no known reason!Could the park be cursed?
Discover the lost secrets and forgotten past of a theme park with its own secrets to hide in-The Haunted Carousel.

This was good game but the plot didn’t interest me as much as others in this game series.
The carousel was beautiful and very detailed.
I enjoyed the ending.Everything made sense in the end and catching the culprit almost always makes me feel sleuthy (that’s a word…right?).(:
Another part of the plot in this game involoves a character named Joy and her inherited robot-Miles the magnificent memory machine!
In this game you are able to call Paula Santos (the woman who hired you to investigate),Bess and George and,once again,the Hardys.Frank and,mostly Joe,had some great quotes-as did Bess and George.
You were also able to order room survice at the hotel Nancy’s staying at.(: