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As you can see by the title of my post,tonight I will be showing you my fan-made cover art for The Silent Spy.(:
This is the first one I made.
SPY 1 001

001.jpg">SPY 2 001<a
What do you think?I realize that there are some covers better than these but I'm still happy to share them.
Out of these two,which is better?
I’ve been searching online for fan-made cover art and there are so many amazing covers!Great job everyone!
Since the explanation for Kate Drew’s death is a car crash,I included a car in both of the pictures.
The girl in the corner of the first picture is Nancy and the women in the car is her mother.
The women in the second picture is Kate.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this game?Are you excited?Will you be playing this game?
Do you have any hopes for number 30s plot?