Tonight I will be writing a review for-Danger On Deception Island.

Description-You as Nancy Drew have come to Deception Island to stay with Katie Firestone,a friend of George’s,for a well-deserved vacation but,upon your arrival,you find that all is not well.Katie’s boat has been sabotaged by an unknown villain and a young orca whale has recantly appeared in the waters near the island.
This small orca is causing big problems as the locals struggle to agree on just what to do about it.
Catch the villainous saboteur and discover the secret behind the mysterious orca in-Danger On Deception Island.

This was a great game.(:
In this game,you are able to call Bess and George and the Hardys (who,once again,have some great quotes).
There are actually quite a few places to go in this game.I love the Hot Kettle cafe because,here,you are able to feed Nancy muffins and clam chowder (yum!).
Some of the puzzles in this game were easy others were a bit harder.
The ending was very exciting and really felt like one of those classic ND moments.I think HeR did an awesome job and I would love to see more endings like this.
I guessed the culprit wrong in this game.