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If you’re like me,you’re excited too!
Take a look!

I love this cover and I have 2 theories about it-
1.The women in the right corner could be Nancy’s mother and the women in front could be Nancy.
2.The women in the front could be Kate Drew and the women in the corner is an enemy spy!

On the front of the cover,the word “toxic” caught my eye.This one word leads me to believe that,in some way (possibly involving a car),Kate Drew was poisoned.
I suppose this word is a reference to the weapon (read the plot description on HeR) but this is still a possibility.

I see 3 different locations on this cover.On the bottom I see a Scottish countryside,in the right corner I see a city and in the left corner I see what could be a cathedral (I assume that’s what it is because “cathedral” was the answer to one of the weekend puzzles on the amateur sleuth blog) or a hotel (i’ve read it’s meant to be something like that).

I didn’t expect orange to be this game’s main color but I think it looks nice.(:

According to the game page,Nancy will be having flashbacks in this game.

So,what do you think of this cover?Is it one of your favorites?