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I’m sorry it took so long for me to post again but tonight I will finally be reviewing-The Secret Of Shadow Ranch.
This is a review for the HeR Interactive computer game based upon the book of the same name.
I will not be writing a description for this game because the story is basically the same as the app.

This is one of my favorite games.(:
I noticed that,on the game page,Dave Gregory is described as being modern cowboy-a lover of sports,music and the outdoors.His description seemed odd to me because,in the game,we never really learn about his likes or dislikes.
In this game,Bess and George were supposed to join Nancy for a vacation at the ranch but end up having plane troubles.You are still able to call them along with the Hardys and the Rawleys.
The cook,Shorty Thurmond,is actually a combination of two of the book characters (Mrs. Thurmond and shorty).
I enjoyed reading the love letters from Dirk to Frances.
Each of these characters had something to hide and I loved uncovering each and every one of their secrets.(:
As I played this game,I noticed that the scenery was not as clean as some of the newer games.You might be thinking “of course it’s not!You’re in a desert-on a ranch!” but what I mean is…the colors don’t seem to blend as well (I don’t know how else to describe it).
The difficulty of the puzzles in this game varied,but most of them were quite simple.
I liked the ending of this game,although it was not as exciting as some others in this series.