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CLK 001Hi!
Thanks to everyone who has liked,commented and/or followed my blog!You guys/girls are great!
I have recently updated my Curse Of Blackmoor Manor post (search the title of the game or else you may have to go back awhile)
Tonight I will be reviewing-Secret Of The Old Clock.
This is a review for the HeR Interactive game,not the book (although I have reviewed it as well).

Description-Travel back to the 1930s as Nancy Drew and help her solve her first mystery!
You as Nancy Drew have come to the Lilac Inn to visit Emily Crandall after the recent death of her mother.When Emily’s diamonds are stolen,you volunteer to find them and,in doing so,plunge yourself into the search for a missing will.
A man named Josiah Crowley had promised Emily and her mother a share in his will but,after his death,they found that all of his possesions had been left to Richard Topham,Josiah’s ESP teacher.But could the will have been forged?
Discover the secret of the old clock in this Nancy Drew adventure as you become America’s next “big cheese”!(;

I enjoyed this game.HeR did a wonderful job taking us back 83 years!
The puzzles in this game were easy.If you’re looking for a challenging game,I recommend either Legend Of The Crystal Skull or Ransom Of The Seven Ships.
One interesting thing I noticed in this game was a picture of Edward Stratemeyer hanging on one of the walls in the inn.Has anyone else noticed this?
In this game,you can deliver telegrams,using Nancy’s car,to earn money.You will often encounter some very weird yet,very fun characters (and even a game reference or two).
You were able to call Bess/George and Mr.Drew.
At the end of the game,Nancy is writing a letter to Ned.The problem with this is that Nancy doesn’t meet Ned until the 7th book (this game is based on the 1st).