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THE CHARACTERS!They’re here!
I am so excited for this game!
So,here are my thoughts on the characters:
Bridget Shaw-Bridget is described as being friendly and knowledgable about the area.She seems to be the most well-animated girl of the bunch,in my opinion, and looks as if she will be located outside the Glaucus Lodge.

Ewan Macleod-Ewan is your main contact and is helping in your investigation of Kate Drew.Ewan looks to be sitting near a computer.If he really is sitting by a computer,he could be hacking into an enemy network of spys.This makes me wonder…could he have hacked into Nancy’s phone?But,if he is not sitting next to a computer,he could just be searching through old notes written by Kate (although I highly doubt a spy would keep any records).Of course,both of these theories could be wrong.

Moira Chisholm-Kate trusted Moira.I wonder what she really remembers.In her description,it says “…but could there be a secret that Moira doesn’t want you to know about?”.Could she have…killed Kate?

Alec Fell-I’m disapointed in HeR for spoiling how we meet Alec.He is described as being a good tracker.His description says “…keep in mind that he may know more about you than you are led to believe”.He could have known Kate or even worked with her!
Alec appears to be located somewhere around the training facility.

Kate Drew-Kate is not an actual suspect,but she does have a very interesting description.Her description says “…but your life and the lives around you could be in great danger if you revealed the truth.Can you uncover the real story and survive?”.Who’s in danger?Could…Carson be in danger?

Mysterious Caller-This mysterious caller sounds interesting.We have to help them do…something, if we want to obtain clues concerning Kate’s death.I’m guessing we will be sneaking around and maybe even breaking into places.

Carson Drew-I’m glad Mr.Drew is a contact in this game,because I’d be very disapointed if he wasn’t,but his description has me feeling a bit worried.What is he hiding?Was he a spy too?I really hope he was a good guy.His description says “…and is very hesitant with helping in your case.How many secrets did Carson keep from you all these years?”./:

Ned Nickerson-Yay!Ned is back!His description says “…being the one person you can completely trust…”.This is just another reason to worry about Carson.
I am disapointed that Bess and George aren’t in this game but I’m glad Ned is back.(:

I’m pleased with these characters.
I really expected Dylan Carter to return,but I guess I was wrong.
I’m hoping there won’t be any fighting in this game,because that would be completly out of character.
Am I the only one wondering how Nancy is going to act in this game?How sad will she be when she finds out what happened to her mother?How will she act when she uncovers the secrets her father has kept from her all these years?
Does anyone have any guesses as to who the culprit/culprits is/are?The most suspicious girl seems to be Moira but,sometimes,the culprit is the least obvious character.
The most suspicious man,to me,is…grrrrr!I don’t even know!If I had to choose one I suppose it would be Alec but,for some reason,I really want to say Ewan.
I don’t know why,but I have a fealing we’re going to have to rescue Carson in the end (or at least meet him face-to-face).
One thing I’m excited for in this game is this:“Match wits with new twists!Characters change their motives as your investigation unfolds.”-I’m excited to see what this will be like!
One thing I’m a bit confused about is:will we be trying to find out what happened to Kate?Or will we be looking for her killer?Was it an accident?Or was it murder?
So,who’s your favorite character?
I didn’t post the character’s pictures on here because that would mean I’d have a total of 8 images on this post (definition-Waaaaay too many pictures).

I’m guessing the trailer will be released either this Friday or next Monday.What do you guys/girls think?

Also,I think I’m going to preorder.Anyone else?