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The Silent Spy Trailer has been released!Well,actually it was released on Monday-but it’s still awesome!
Pre-orders have also begun for this game!
If you read the title of my post,you know I’ll be reviewing two things tonight-
1.The Silent Spy trailer.
2.Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon.
Let’s start with the trailer.(:
The Silent Spy Trailer.
The trailer begins with one of Nancy’s flashbacks.In the flashback,Kate Drew is shown playing the piano in the Drew’s living room.I haven’t heard the soundtrack for this game,but I assume the song she is playing is the one entitled “Kate”.
All but one character in this game has a scottish accent.That ‘one character’ is Moira.
If you pause the video at 1:00,and look beyond Kate’s photo,you will see pictures of Ned,George and even the Hardy boys!Are they being spied on?There are two other photos I cannot identify.Can anyone else tell who they are?
If you pause the game at 1:22,you will see Nancy’s arms and hands hanging onto the zipline!Ok-sure,I may be making a huge deal about nothing but,c’mon,we’ve never really seen any of Nancy (unless you include blurred photos and 3rd person gameplay).
If you pause the game at 1:44,you will see an unknown figure in the shadows.Who do you think this could be?
At 1:17,Nancy is talking to her dad.This conversation makes the game seem like it will be so thrilling,yet,at the same time,I’m dissapointed in their lack of emotion.I’m hoping the whole game won’t be like this.
The parts of the trailer that really get my attention are from 1:34 to 1:51.
So,do any of you have a favorite part?What are your thoughts on the trailer?Are you more excited for the game,now that the trailer has been released?
Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon Review.
Description:You,as Nancy Drew,have decided to accompany the Hardy boys on an expedition led by Lori Girard,a young wealthy girl who’s father has recently aquired a very old train.The train was once owned by a man named Jake Hurley,who lived in the 1800s and had supposedly discovered a gold mine.That’s why Lori has called the Hardys,along with three other detectives,to help her find it.
Soon after you board the train,Lori disappears! Is it a publicity stunt?Or has the ghost of Jake Hurley’s wife come back to haunt the train?
Can you,as Nancy Drew,find Lori and Jake’s legendary mine?Or will they remain forever lost?
Find out in-Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon.

This was a great game.
The Hardys were great characters,with some really great quotes.(:
In this game,you are only able to call Bess and George.They were fun to talk to and gave some really good hints.
I was never really excited to talk to the other characters in this game but they weren’t boring either,they were just…interesting.Tino was egocentric,Charleena was basically a romance-writing historian and John was a ghost hunter.
Most of the puzzles in this game were fairly simple.
The ending wasn’t as exciting as some other games,but it was still a great one.