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It’s been a while since my last post.Sorry about that.
Tonight I will be reviewing not only Password To Larkspur Lane,but the 1938 (Nancy Drew…Detective) movie as well.

Description-After discovering a message on the leg of an injured pigeon,Nancy Drew embarks on a new adventure to find its meaning.What IS its meaning,and who is the sender?
Soon,Nancy discovers a connection between the mysterious message and an elderly women named Mrs.Eldridge,who Nancy soon finds has been imprisoned by ruthless swindlers!
Her only clue being a gold bracelet,Nancy begins her search.
During her search for Mrs.Eldridge,Nancy is asked by her friend,Helen Archer,to solve a second mystery at her grandparent’s cottage.What is the cause for the ring of blue fire which has suddenly begun appearing near their home?Also,what is the reason for their houseman’s sudden change in behavior?
Will Nancy find and save Mrs.Eldridge?Can she solve the the mystery of the blue fire?
Find out in-Password To Larkspur Lane.

This was a good book.
I enjoyed the plot and I thought the characters were interesting.
The villians were…well,villianous-which is good.(:
The carrier pigeons were pretty cool.
Helen Archer (her maiden name is Corning) rarely appears in the books anymore,but,at first,she was Nancy’s main friend.Helen was later replaced by Bess and George.
The end of this book was exciting!

Now,I am going to compare the movie to the book.
In these movies,Nancy Drew was played by Bonita Granville (her father was played by John Litel and ‘Ted’ was played by Frankie Thomas).
This Nancy was often reliant on men and a little less couragious but,in the end,she was smart and always nabbed the crooks!(:
Most of the characters from the book appeared in the movie-characters such as Dr.Spires,Effie,Mrs.Eldridge and Miss Tyson.
In the movie,Effie seems to be older than Mr.Drew,She is always threatening to quit her job and can’t stand danger.The Effie of the books is 17,fun,and a lover of movies.
In these movies,Nancy’s only friend is Ted (in the movies,Ned’s name was changed to Ted).Bess and/or George are never shown and Helen is never around.
In the book,Nancy explains to George that,atop a fence is an electric wire.In the movie,Ted saves Nancy from getting herself electrocuted.
Nancy’s plan is very similar to her plan in the book,except,in the movie,Ted disguises as a nurse instead of Bess!It was funny.
Near the end of the movie,Nancy seems to lose her courage,and Ted suddenly becomes the hero.In the book,he DOES play an important part in catching the culprit but Nancy certainly doesn’t lose her cool.
Overall,these are both entertaining.I loved the movie,despite the fact it was in black and white.