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Tonight I will be reviewing-Danger By Design

Description-You as Nancy Drew travel to Paris on an undercover assignment given to you by Amy Grunhild. This assignment takes you to an old windmill which has been converted into a fashion studio by a famous designer named Minette. Ever since her last fashion show,Minette has been wearing a full face mask and has been alarmingly quick-tempered. What is the cause of her recent change in behavior?
Minette has also been receiving threatening letters from someone who seems to be intent on harming her-physically or emotionally. Who could the sender be?
Can you find the truth before it’s too late,or will Minette discover your true reason for being there?
Is Minette hiding something,or is her mask little more than a fashion statement?
Find out in-Danger By Design.

This was a good game.
The start of the game was interesting. You immediately understand the reason for Amy Grunhild’s concern.
The few times you are actually able to talk with Minette are entertaining.
In this game,you are able to call Bess/George,the Hardy boys and a few other numbers you see along the way.
The puzzles in this game varied. Some were quite easy,others were a bit harder.
I enjoyed buying souvenirs in the park from the vendors.
There are many different locations to visit in this game,some of which are hidden.
I loved the plot of this game,it was intriguing!
The ending was great but it was also very different from any of the other endings in the series. Part of it was difficult,the other part was simple. There was also an interesting reference to book 23 The Mystery Of The Tolling Bell (If you havn’t read the book,you won’t catch it). I really liked the ending,though.