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Hey everyone!
Today is the 1st of three Silent Spy weekends! Normally,I would’ve posted this on saturday,but I was busy yesterday.
For the next three weekends,I will be discussing SPY-related topics and,at the end of each post,giving you a challenge to complete the following week.

Our first catagory is disguises. From the looks of the trailer,I doubt these will be included in this game,but they are certainly an interesting addition to many of the books,and a few of the games.
In some books,such as Mystery Of Crocodile Island,it’s less about disguises,and more about aliases.In game 21,Warnings At Waverly Academy,you/Nancy arrive under the name of Becca Sawyer,a student who,apparently,still has red hair. In The Whispering Statue,Nancy uses an assumed name AND a disguise.
The Captive Witness is filled with spys.Nancy diguises,as seen on the cover,in a red formal dress (there are other disguises in this book,but I don’t want to spoil them for you).
The Captive Witness isn’t the only book with a cover featuring one of Nancy’s disguises. The cover of The Mystery At Lilac Inn depicts Nancy wearing a dark wig and,in the book,the rest of her costume is revealed.
I realize there are more disguises but I don’t want to spoil anything.
Ok,so maybe the follwing characters aren’t twins-but I instantly thought of them as similar.
Wade Thornton and Alec Fell?-The first time I saw Alec,I immediately thought he looked like a younger,well-kept Wade
Bridget Shaw and Nancy Drew?-She may not sound like her,but Bridget instantly reminded me of a slightly older Nancy.

Weekly Challenges!
1.Replay/play The Phantom Of Venice.
2.Got any theories about Kate Drew,Cathedral or anyone/anything else?Share them!

If I’ve missed anything in my two catagories,or if you’ve got a challenge,comment and tell me! Your thoughts are always welcome!