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Tonight I will be reviewing-The White Wolf Of Icicle Creek.
I realize that I have skipped The Creature Of Kapu Cave,but I don’t have that one (I’ve played it,but I don’t have it).

Description-Accidents are plaguing the Icicle Creek lodge and it’s up to you as Nancy Drew to find out why.
Some of the lodge’s occupants believe that its ‘bad luck’ is being caused by a white wolf which has been seen nearby. Could this wolf be a little less natural than it seems,maybe even ghostly? Or are these ‘accidents’ the work of a desperate saboteur?
Take on the jobs of maid and cook for extra snooping and discuss the case with your police contact,Tino Balducci.
Can you find the culprit in time? Or will your time run out?
Catch the villian and reveal the truth before your case goes cold in-The White Wolf Of Icicle Creek.

This was a good game,not one of my favorites,but a good game.
Unfortunatly,we/Nancy had the displeasure of,once again,working with the famous Tino Balducci. I’ll admit,he was good at giving hints.
The wolf was one of the most interesting parts of the game.
The characters in this game were interesting but none of them are my favorites.
I enjoyed playing fox and geese with Bill Kessler.
In this game,you are the maid and the cook. Being the maid was simple and doesn’t take too much time to finish,but being the cook can take a bit longer and is required three times a day. Sometimes I’d be happy to do my job,other times I’d be in the middle of a puzzle and have to leave!
Whenever you leave the lodge,you have a meter at the top of your screen,showing how much longer you/Nancy can stand the cold.
I also enjoyed snowball fighting with Freddie ‘the snow princess’.