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Welcome to the second of three SPY weekends!
Once again,I was busy yesterday,so I will probably continue to do this on Sundays.

I can’t wait to play this game! My copy shipped on Thursday and I got 5-7 day shipping. YA-HOO! In a few days it’ll be time to get my SPY on!

Did You Complete The Challenges?
Did you complete your challenges? The main challenge was to play/replay VEN. I’m happy to say that I completed it a couple of days ago. What are your thoughts on its relation to The Silent Spy?

What Is Your Playing Speed?
Do you plan on zipping right through this game? Or are you determined to make it last?
I think it all depends on the puzzles in this game. If they’re hard,it may take me a bit longer (I highly doubt the puzzles in this game will be easy). It also depends on whether I play on master sleuth or amateur sleuth. I’m probably going to play on amateur sleuth.
I have not downloaded the strategy guide for this game and I don’t even plan on using it.

Kate Drew-What DO We Know About Her?
Kate Drew has never been mentioned as KATE Drew. ‘Kate’ is a name created by HeR.
Mrs.Drew’s maiden name was Austin.
The original explanation for Kate’s death was an unknown illness. In the later books,we are told of her sudden death in a car crash.
Nancy’s mother has been mentioned a few times in the games,the most recant being GTH when Nancy brings up her mother in a conversation with Harper,who is all but delicate in her comeback. Mrs.Drew has also been mentioned in CLK,SAW and even TMB!
As we approach the arrival and/or release of The Silent Spy,I can’t help but wonder how Nancy will act. I’m worried she will lack emotion but…at the same time,I don’t want her to be crying throughout the entire game,either. What do you guys/girls think?
In the 1930s movie,Nancy Drew…troubleshooter,Nancy worries that her father has fallen in love with a woman named Miss Gregory. In both The Mystery At Lilac Inn and The Mystery Of The Glowing Eye,similar situations exist but they are kind of…the other way around.

Weekly Challenges
1. Prepare for SPY! What’s your game-plan? I challenge you to try and make this your best gaming experience yet! Turn up the sound ’till you feel like you’re part of the game,think over every conversation and clue until you’re sure you’ve guessed the culprit correctly! Just have fun in your own way!

2.If you’re waiting to buy this game in stores,I also challenge you to replay any game that you think has any kind of random relation to SPY! Every little bit of info counts.