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Tonight I will be posting the final SPY weekend!
Did You Complete The Challenges?
These challenges were mainly for those who recieved their games this week. I’m happy to say that I recieved my copy of The Silent Spy this week and,so far,I’m loving it! Have you gotten your hands on a copy yet? Or will you be waiting until they are available in stores?

ND #30 – What do you want from HeR?
With the great reveal of game #30 coming up,we all have expectations. Some of us have high expectations,others (myself included) are unsure whether or not HeR will be able to come up with plots as interesting and exciting as in the past few games. I’ve been reading other fans thoughts on game #30 and I’m starting to wonder what type of mystery it will be. Some fans suspect that,because the game will be set in New Zealand,there will be a plot involving poachers,missing animals or some other environmental plot. These plots wouldn’t interest me very much at all unless the characters were awesome and the animation was amazing (now,I do believe that the environment should be protected,but I don’t want it to be the main plot for the next ND game).

As I’ve said before,a plot involving the kidnapping of Ned Nickerson would make an awesome game. A game like this would make me wonder about the end and I’d be on the edge of my seat waiting (or…playing) to see what would happen next.

When I play an ND game,I want to be compelled to finsh it. The culprit should be villianous but also clever.
Games involving hauntings and/or kidnappings are usually my favorites. I love games,in which,I can discover hidden secrets and spy on suspects.

ND Games – Are You running out of room?
Are you organized? Or are you stuck wondering where you left the one game you can’t wait to play? Will you be saying “It’s time play the game! I’ll go get it.”,or will you be screaming-“OH NO! Where did my game go? It was here just a moment ago!”. Personally,the latter is something I’ve never said (and I doubt anyone else has).
I keep all of my games on one shelf,but I’m actually starting to run out of room. I suppose I’ll just have to start moving things around a bit.
What about you guys? Where do you keep your games? Are you running out of space?

I suppose the challenges will be the same as last week,since many of you have not been able to buy your copy yet (I’m sure there are also some of you who won’t be buying this game at all or are waiting for it to show up on Ebay for the right price).