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I’m excited to finally review this game and share my thoughts with all of you!
You may need to highlight certain parts of this post to read minor spoilers.

Description:You,as Nancy Drew, have come to Scotland in the hopes of obtaining information promised to you by a mysterious caller. This “information” concerns your mother, Kate Drew, who died in a car crash a decade ago.
Or so you thought.
What is the true reason for your mother’s death?
Soon after your arrival in Glasgow, you are contacted by your father, who is obviously very distraught and displeased about your trip.
Mr.Drew may be a worrier by nature, but something is different this time. What makes this trip so dangerous, and what secrets has he hidden from you all these years?
With your father trying so hard to stop you, and so many suspicious people around you, you need someone you can confide in and trust. That’s why you call your special friend, Ned Nickerson, for advice and help along the way.
Before her death, Kate had been investigating the colony operation – a plot devised by Revenant, an enemy organization of spies intent on controlling Glasgow.
Although Kate was able to foil their plans the first time, evidence leads many agents of Cathedral to believe that Revenant has returned to complete the mission they failed to accomplish years ago.
Can you, as Nancy Drew, reveal the truth about your mother’s death and take down Revenant before it’s too late?

This game was awesome!
After starting the game, we are taken to Nancy’s desk, which I thought was a nice way to bring it back, while still keeping the newest interface.
There are many places to visit in this game.
I loved all of the spy gadgets in this game! It was a really fun way to uncover secrets and even reach another location or two.
One of the sweetest, saddest aspects of the game was Mr.Drew’s character. The more you talk to him, the more you realize how deeply he wants to keep Nancy safe from Revenant.
I do wish that we would have been able to talk to Ned a little bit more, but most of his conversations were quite entertaining.
I loved Nancy’s flashbacks in this game! They were some of the best parts!
I’m happy to say (or…type) that I have finally finished a game without any spoilers at all! The puzzles were not as difficult as I thought they would be (of course, I had quite a bit of help from my family). ❤
I have mixed feelings about the ending. There was one thing which I was particularly disappointed about, because it was so serious, yet Nancy was basically like "I'm sure it'll all work out".
I loved Nancy's letter, it was sooooo sad and sweet (I'm saying that a lot, aren't I?)!
Oh, and DO NOT skip the credits! You'll love what you hear (but, you won't hear anything if you just click on the link at the menu)!

I did notice a few changes in this game:
1. In this game, you are unable to choose Nancy's response to a suspect/phone friend's remark. Normally, I might miss this, but I do understand why this was done. Each conversation was so thought out and Nancy's responses had to be just right.

2. You cannot ask Carson or Ned for hints.

Overall, I Think this is a great game. A definite thumbs up for HeR!

The Shattered Medallion.
The teaser begins with Nancy at her desk, reading a letter from Bess telling her to come to scoop (the ice cream shop in ASH).
Afterwards, we learn that Nancy and George have been selected to be on a TV show called "Pacific Run - New Zealand".
As said by the announcer, we will be facing dangers such as "sheep, adorable birds, film scouting crews, different sheep...". OH, I almost forgot! "...And active volcanos, decaying rope bridges, avalanches, deadly storms, cave collapses, treacherous competitors and, of course, more sheep."
"Get ready, Nancy and Greg, for the most exciting adventure of your lives in Pacific Run - New Zealand!"

The teaser has nothing to do with the title. I don't understand what the mystery will be and, personally, I would have liked a more exciting plot.
Although I'm always excited to watch the teasers for the upcoming games, I knew this would probably not live up to #28 and #29, and one reason for that might be because HeR feels that Nancy needs a less dangerous and/or dramatic (or, seemingly less dangerous/dramatic) adventure after, well, everything, in SPY.
I'm sure this game will be more interesting once we learn more about it.
HeR knew that, after her long absence, George needed a fun return - not just as a phone friend, but as an actual character.
Bess will also be joining us in our New Zealand adventure. I know that some players are unhappy with her new look, but I love it! I do think that, normally, she would wear something a bit more fashionable, but she's going to New Zealand! It's not like she can wear a skirt and heels! Aaaaaanyway, I thought that Bess' ponytails were very cute and, in my opinion, prettier than her previous hairstyle.


By the way, if any of you would like to discuss minor game spoilers, please type SPOILERS before doing so. Also, please do not reveal any major information about the culprit.