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Hi everyone!
I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve posted, so tonight I’m going to post something kinda random.
Do you have a favorite quote from the Nancy Drew game series? Is it funny, sweet, or even a little bit sad? Is it from Nancy herself, or one of her friends?
Here are a few good ones (I’ll try not post any that reveal too much).

Yumi Shimizu- “Get a job, phone charm!”

Dylan Carter – “We should have a code word.”
Nancy Drew – I don’t know if that’s necessary.”
DC – “Right. right. How about “look out, it’s Lily!”, or “she’s back, stop looking at her things!”
ND – “Ok, first of all, none of those are one word-”
DC – “Good point. How about “danger!” or “incoming!” or “impending Lily!”
ND – “Maybe if you just whistle.”
DC – “Right. All good options.”

Renate Stoller-“A knight in shining armor never did nothing for nobody. He never fought. A knight in dented, scraped armor, now that’s what you want.”

Professor Hotchkiss – “Hotchkiss to Earth! Come in EARTH!”
Mason Quinto – “Ryan is all over the place. For her, it’s A to zucchini to ‘that thing from TV’ to maybe C.”

Joe Hardy – “How’s it going?”
Nancy Drew – “Well, I haven’t solved the case yet.”
JH – “Great! I mean, oh, what a shame.

JH – “Congratulations! You’re making somebody nervous. Means you’re on the right track.”
ND – “So in your twisted world, Joe, being a victim of foul play is a good thing.”
JH – “The best! I mean, if you’re a detective and if you’ve got a hard head, which obviously you do – but in a good way!”

That’s it for now! Bye!