I’m so sorry for my long absence, but I’m finally back!
Tonight I will be reviewing – Legend Of The Crystal Skull.

Description:You as Nancy Drew have come to New Orleans to check up on Henry Bolet as a favor to your boyfriend Ned Nickerson. Henry’s great uncle, Bruno Bolet, has recantly died and Henry has returned to the mansion to sort out Bruno’s estate and make sure everything is in order.
Bruno Bolet was said to have possesed a mysterious object known as the crystal skull, which supposedly protects its owner from a natural death.
Bruno died of a heart attack, but was his death truly from natural causes? Or is it all a lie? Could he have been murdered?
Discover the truth behind this legendary skull and uncover dark secrets in – Legend Of The Crystal Skull.

This was a good game but not one of my favorites.
I did NOT like the voodoo at all. Thankfully, the game did not include too much of this.
I enjoyed playing as both Nancy and Bess.
In this game, you are able to call Bess, Ned and Proffesor Hotchkiss.
I loved feeding Bess gumbo outside of Zeke’s (the guy at the food truck looked just like Shorty Thurmond from SHA!).
This game was very, very dark. I wish that I’d waited to play it at night.