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Image Hi!

I’m sorry for the delay, but I’m finally back to posting! Yay!

Tonight I will be posting about Nancy Drew game #30 (if you havn’t played SPY yet and want to keep the next game a suprise, stop reading).

I cannot yet say whether or not I am excited for the next game: The Shattered Medallion. The abbreviation is MED.

We do not know much about this game except that Nancy and George have been selected to participate in a TV competition entitled “Pacific Run: New Zealand”. Hurray for Bess as well, because she’s coming along too!

It has not been explained why the game is entitled The Shattered Medallion, but here are a few of my theories:

During or before the competition in New Zealand, someone (possibly Nancy, Bess or even George) discovers a medallion. It is broken in many peaces (perhaps one of our puzzles would be piecing it together). After piecing the medallion together,we could discover that there is something written on it (a song, a story or even a warning or curse of some sort) or a picture on it.

The medallion may not be shattered when found – someone could break it deliberatly or accidently.

The medallion may not have to be found – it may be that this medallion is the prize for winning the race (maybe one of the competitors who lost broke it out of jealousy).

I’m glad that George will be returning. She is an important part of the books and games who, sadly, has been absent from the games since #26! hopefully her voice actress will remain the same, but I do hope that she will look a bit differant.

What do ya’ll think of my first fan-made cover art above? Is it similar to how you imagine the real cover art? Or completely differant?